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The man who was almost a man by Richard Wright Essay

The man who was right around a man by Richard Wright - Essay Example Seeing that he was being controlled in pretty much every circle of his life, David chooses to set up his own character. Because of the expanding angry of his feebleness, Dave imagines that moving out and possessing a weapon would immediately make him a man by utilizing the firearm. He has a higher probability of shooting. â€Å"Dammit, hed done it! He terminated once more. Blooooom! He grinned. Blooooom! Blooooom! Snap, click. There! It was empty†. Because of his failure to control himself, he chose to shoot Jenny (horse) just to demonstrate to himself his not apprehensive. He says, Lissen here, Jenny! When Ah pull this ol trigger, Ah wear wan yuh t run n acka fool now!† and he flee. Also, his fleeing wasn't right since he expected to pay for the donkey that he murdered which had a place with Mr. Hawkins. Mr Hawkins says, â€Å"Whut yuh pay fer it? Two dollahs. The other contention is that is it wrong for him to flee in light of the fact that he could be incited and shoot individuals in the train thinking about that his firearm was stacked, â€Å"Got a long piece of old wool from a trunk, enclosed the weapon by it, and attached it to his bare thigh while it was still loaded.† Since Dave was so engaged in demonstrating himself to take care of business, any place he rushes to he will cause substantially more mischief with the weapon because of his endeavors of attempting to set up himself as a man â€Å"He felt his pocket; the firearm was still there†¦ extending ceaselessly, away to some place, some place where he could be a man.† Therefore, is it significant for individuals to know who they are on the planet? This is simply the inquiry Dave ought to have posed before settling on that choice of buying a firearm. One needs to perceive himself to keep difficult issues from happening. That is the reason Dave was not directly by getting away with the train to move out of his

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Ode on the Death of a Favourite Cat Essay

The two sonnets I am looking at; â€Å"Ode on the Death of a Favorite Cat† by Thomas Gray and â€Å"To a Mouse† by Robert Burns were both written in the eighteenth century, which makes it fascinating to make a correlation of their substance, style and methods, to perceive how sonnets of the eighteenth century vary from each other. Both of the sonnets include a creature as the primary subject of the sonnet. In Gray’s sonnet he has a house feline as the primary focal point of the sonnet while Burns commits his sonnet to a field mouse. Both these creatures reach a tragic conclusion. The feline because of interest â€Å"tumbled headlong† into â€Å"a tub of gold fishes† This backings the notable expression â€Å"curiosity murdered the cat† In the sonnet it alludes to the feline as really loosing 9 lives: â€Å"Eight times rising up out of the flood She mew’d to ev’ry watry God†. No one shows up to spare her: â€Å"No Dolphin came, no Nereid stirr’d : Nor brutal Tom, nor Susan heared†. The dolphin is remembered for the rundown of potential rescuers since it is a reference to the old style legend of the harpist, Arion, being spared by a dolphin which had been enchanted by his music, much similarly the feline needed to be spared by somebody who heard its meowing.  In Burns’s sonnet the mouse not at all like the feline doesn't really bite the dust, however it is clarified that the possibilities for the mouse are grim because of its house being pulverized by the furrow and the reality winter is coming and the mouse has no opportunity to fabricate another home for itself: â€Å"Now thou’s turn’d out, for a’ thy trouble, But house or hald, To thole the Winter’s sleety dribble, An’craneuch cauld!†Ã‚ The sonnets are both essentially about a specific doomed creature however every ha a more profound significance and message through anthropomorphism. The feline in Gray’s sonnet is given female attributes: a â€Å"fair round face† delineates the perfect picture of an eighteenth century woman’s face. Dim likewise utilizes analogies to depict the feline which additionally apply to a lady’s gems and embellishments: â€Å"The velvet of her paws, Her coat, that with the tortoise vies,â Her ears of fly, and emerald eyes.†Ã‚ In section four the examination of the feline to a lady is made even clearer: â€Å"She stretch’d futile to arrive at the prize. What female heart can gold despise? What cat’s loath to fish?†Ã‚ It is clear here that Gray is delineating how ladies are tempted by the craving for gold as felines are enticed by the longing for fish. The humanoid attribution proceeds in stanzas 5 and 7: â€Å"Presumptious maid† and â€Å"From consequently you Beauties, undeceiv’d Know one bogus advance is ne’er retrieved†. The last lines of the sonnet contain a moral: â€Å"Not all that entices your wand’ring eyes And thoughtless hearts, is legitimate prize; Nor every one of that glisters gold†. Through the feline Gray made a useful example explicitly focused on ladies. It’s an admonition not to be enticed by what isn't properly theirs, and not to be allured by sparkling appearances since it may not be in the same class as it looks on the outside. Gray is exceptionally immediate with his message of caution to ladies yet he writes in a cheerful manner all through. Nonetheless, Burn’s sonnet is substantially more genuine and serious. He utilizes humanoid attribution like Gray to communicate as the need should arise through an animal, for this situation the mouse is utilized to feature the social and good issues that he felt existed in both people in general and in his own family †His dad kicked the bucket following eighteen years of difficult work as a rancher. After his father’s passing they had minimal expenditure, leaving them no decision however to sublease a ranch so as to keep their home. These encounters were brought through in to his sonnet when the mouse had its home annihilated by the furrow:

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5 Simple Strategies for Taking Better Notes at Work

5 Simple Strategies for Taking Better Notes at Work Have you ever failed to remember a great idea you’d had and thought, “If only I’d written it down”? It’s not a good feeling. Virgin Group founder,  Richard Branson, wrote, “If you don’t write your ideas down, they could leave your head before you even leave the room.” Capturing your ideas is just one of the many benefits of effectively taking notes at work. Better note taking can also help you learn new concepts, organize your thoughts, encourage your creativity, help you share important information with others and so much more. Having great notes can reduce stress levels, keep you on task and make you more productive. To get great notes, you just need to find the right note-taking strategy. Key Strategies for Taking Notes Different situations call for different kinds of note taking. You probably wouldn’t choose to make a detailed outline to capture a brainstorming session, or handwrite notes that you need to share with five other people via email after a meeting. We’ll walk through five different scenarios and how you can tailor your note-taking strategy to meet your professional goals. 1. Team meetings The best team meetings result in a clear, shared understanding by everyone involved and actionable items. When taking notes in team meetings or collaborative environments, you should focus on: Facts: (Example: Jenna is the creative lead on this project) Issues: (Example: There is too much work to get done by the deadline.) Decisions: (Example: We will break this project up into smaller, more manageable chunks.) Action plans: (Example: The project manager and creative lead will determine how to break this project up, then the project manager will schedule a meeting to discuss how to distribute that work.) Questions and answers: Take note of questions team members bring up during the meeting and the answers that are given. Your browser is not able to display frames. Please visit Weekly Strategy Meeting on MindMeister. For maximum efficiency, use a note-taking tool that allows you to easily capture and share notes (like Google Docs or Evernote) or try turning notes into tasks and to-do lists. Mind maps can also be used for meeting management. An online mind mapping tool like MindMeister can help you take meeting minutes and then create and assign tasks within the mind map, in real-time. To use the above free mind map, simply click on the Copy and edit map button in the bottom-right corner of the map. If you already have a MindMeister account, the map will be copied to your account automatically, so you can then edit or embellish the topics to make the map suitable for your team meeting. Dont have an account yet? You can sign up for free now. 2. One-on-one meetings Sometimes you want to take notes in one-on-one meetings â€" maybe you’re having coffee with your mentor or heading into a performance review. These are more intimate learning environments where you’re engaged in discussion but still want to capture what you hear. Taking notes in these situations is a balance. You want to record information without putting a laptop-shaped wall between you and the other person. And too much focus on your notes could make you seem distracted or inattentive. Prioritize that personal connection by ditching your laptop as a note-taking device and opt for a small, unobtrusive notebook. Tomasz Tunguz, a venture capitalist with Redpoint and former Google Employee, writes that when he worked at Google, “I carried a laptop to every meeting I went to. I typed notes, jotted down action items, and distributed the minutes of almost each one of my meetings.” When he started working at Redpoint, “outside the rainbow bubble of the Googleplex very few people take notes on laptops during meetings. It’s just impolite. People wonder if you’re typing emails (which I often was).” Sometimes a personal connection is more important than recording every single word. Don’t worry, though, you can still capture what was said: immediately after the meeting is over, write down everything you talked about while it’s still fresh in your mind. Efficient  meetings with mind maps Sign up for MindMeister Sign up for MindMeister 3. Brainstorming sessions Brainstorming sessions can be a flurry of activity with ideas flying. When your team brainstorms, you need to be able to record a lot of information quickly, capture unusual concepts and combine, refine and build on those ideas. You need the freedom to be able to record whatever comes up, be they words, sketches, diagrams, photos or other visual elements. Mind maps are great for brainstorming because they let you capture notes in a flexible format that doesn’t limit you to a linear flow of words. You can use good old fashioned paper or a whiteboard, but an online mind mapping tool allows you to share mind maps with the team or save maps so you can come back to them later. They also offer an endless amount of space, so your map can be as big as it needs to be. 4. Interviews Interviews can take lots of forms. Maybe you’re talking to candidates for a new position you’re hiring or interviewing an expert for a blog post. Perhaps you’re conducting interviews as part of user research. In these situations, look to journalistic methods of taking notes for tips. “Write down all the questions you have beforehand,” suggests Roy Peter Clark, senior scholar at the Poynter Institute. “At the end of the interview, scan your questions to see if there’s anything you didn’t cover. Now’s the time to ask.” Clark also says you should record the interview but not rely on the recorder completely. “Even if you have a chance to record an interview, back it up with notes in your notebook,” he says. “You never know when technology will fail you.” Taking notes on what you observe in addition to what’s said will also help. “Divide your note-taking areas into two sections,” writes journalist M.T. Wroblewski. “Devote the first and bigger section to the interviewee’s answers and the second, smaller section to your observations and impressions. In this second area, you might write, ‘Seemed most enthusiastic about this job’ or ‘Avoided eye contact at this point; seemed nervous.’” 5. Educational settings If you’re taking notes to learn â€" at conferences, workshops or professional development events, for example â€" academic note-taking styles can help you record information so that you actually absorb and remember it. First, you might opt for pen paper to help you process ideas. According to one UCLA study, even when you use your laptop solely for note-taking (and not browsing social media or getting distracted by email notifications) processing still might be more shallow than it would be with handwritten notes. You can draw from several academic note-taking systems, like outlining or charting, but the Cornell Method is most applicable to professional situations. This method has you divide your paper into one small column on the left and a larger column on the right. During the event, try taking notes in the larger, right-hand column. When the event is over, review your notes, and for every significant piece of information, write a “cue” in the left margin. The cue can be a single word or short phrase that summarizes the information. This method helps you condense your notes so they’re easy to remember and talk about later, which is especially great for sharing what you learned from a conference when you get back to the office. Taking the right notes means you have all the information you need to do your best work. Next time you prepare to take notes, think about your goals and your environment and tailor your note-taking strategy based on those things. Never again will you think, “If only I’d written that down.” Do you have a favorite strategy or tool for taking notes? Wed love to hear about it in the comments below! Take more effective notes with mind maps

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Paul Johnson, Murder / Mystery / Thriller / Suspense

Paul Johnson, Murder/Mystery/Thriller/Suspense, author - Paul Johnson is 29 and  ¾. He says that with the smiley face symbol. He could be considered as an author with all the rights of its definition, but the word creative artist might be more fitting. To describe him in those terms would require a further question. What kind of artist? The Canadian, native who was born and continues to live in Calgary, Alberta, has always dabbled in art in some form or another. From a songwriter to making lotion, video editor, to an urban photography, Johnson’s love for creativity has constantly guided his footsteps and been a major source of his income. No matter the city, the time or place, he was drawn to creativity like a moth to a fire. Johnson, who†¦show more content†¦This suspenseful mystery volume was developed over a course of experiences and different times in Johnson’s life and was almost ‘unintentionally’.† In this book, Paul wanted readers to follow his character Jayson Patrick who was marred by the normality of human changes; breakups, self-doubt, addiction and other challenges. Johnson was asked to give us an insight into his character. He said this. â€Å"Jayson Patrick extraordinary or special it is his resilience in the face of those circumstances that are extraordinary. His vulnerability and the fact that he is only qualified to be a part of these exploits by circumstance. He is a man facing many of the challenges that many of us do while having unbelievable circumstances thrown his way. This is a character you may not wish to emulate but one that I hope readers grow to care about as they watch him develop as a person.† Paul is nearly 10,000 words into the first draft of [Criminal?] successors. He doesn’t use an outline for his stories but keeps extensive notes to ensure that the details and the continuity remain at the level and quality that he desires. And unlike [Criminal?], which is a novella, the â€Å"second installment† of the series is a set to be a full-length novel. As creative as he is, Johnson says that the hardest thing about writing is creating a story from the idea in your mind, then sharing it with others, who must in turn, understand the thoughts that

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Munchausen Syndrome A Mental Illness Essay - 1470 Words

Munchausen syndrome, also referred to as factitious disorder, is a mental condition in which sufferers cause or pretend to have physical or psychological symptoms that are not actually occurring. Munchausen syndrome is considered to be a mental illness because it is associated with severe emotional difficulties that are present with the illness. Due to the fact that there are no reliable statistics regarding the number of people in the United States who suffer from Munchausen syndrome, it is considered to be a rare condition to have. Even before getting its current name, this condition has been described since the biblical times. For example, sufferers of this syndrome during the Middle Ages went as far as scraping off their skin and putting leeches in their mouths to induce bleeding. This illness was named after Baron Karl Friedrich von Munchausen who lived from 1720 to 1797 and was known for claiming to ride cannonballs and traveling to the moon. The reason why I choose this psychological disorder was because it was brand new topic to me. I was very interested in the fact of not knowing anything about this topic previously so I was able to go into this research with a blank slate. After researching what this syndrome was, my main topic of interest was that Munchausen Syndrome is a largely unexplained phenomena, as it is both quite rare and difficult to diagnose. It is also practically impossible to treat, as most people will emerge with negative results. Most of theShow MoreRelatedMunchausen Syndrome By Proxy Is A Mental Illness And Form Of Child Abuse1856 Words   |  8 Pages Munchausen syndrome by proxy is a mental illness and form of child abuse that claims the lives of 9% of its victims (Heffner, 2004). It is defined as, â€Å"a psychological disorder in which a parent, typically a mother, harms her child (as by poisoning), falsifies the child s medical history, or tampers with the child s medical specimens in ord er to create a situation that requires or seems to require medical attention† (Merriam-Webster, 1977). In most cases, the mother is the abuser and plaguesRead MoreMy Search For A Mental Illness I Came Upon Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy1490 Words   |  6 Pages In my search for a mental illness I came upon Munchausen Syndrome by proxy which is a stem from regular Munchausen Syndrome. This mental illness was deep and caught my interest by the complexity of the disease and that cases that have been studied. The horrific cases of said mental illness caught my eye and I knew instantly I had to explore in depth the condition. The love between a mother and her children is an unbreakable bond, until Munchausen Syndrome by proxy takes a role in the relationshipRead MoreEssay Taking a Closer Look at Mà ¼nchausen Syndrome1026 Words   |  5 Pages Mà ¼nchausen syndrome is a psychiatric disorder that is distinguished by the patient causing or faking physical or psychological ailments for the sole purpose of being admitted to the hospital. A psychiatric consult nurse sees about one or two Mà ¼nchausen cases a month (Interview with John Hauber, RN). Out of the entire United States population, only half to two percent of people have the disorder (med, but the number is probably higher than that because the statistic shown only representsRead MoreTaking a Look a the Munchausen Syndrome816 Words   |  3 PagesMunchausen!!! If you know someone with munchausen syndrome, you know how bad the disease is. If you dont know someone with the disease, I will tell you all about it. the disease isnt very big or popular anymore, because not a lot of women dont have this disease anymore. I have done a lot of research, and most of the diagnoses were done in the 1900s, but the disease is still around some places. This disease is mostly diagnosed to women, because most men dont feel the need to these kind ofRead MoreMental Health1329 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿Mental Health Essay Mental health is all about how we think, feel and behave. It refers to our cognitive, and/or our emotional wellbeing. It describes a sense of wellbeing. Mental health ‘problems’ or ‘difficulties’ are terms used to describe temporary reactions to a painful event, stress, or systems of drug or alcohol use, lack of sleep or physical illness. It can also be used to describe long-term psychiatric conditions, which may have significant effects on an individual’s functioning. SomeRead MoreMunchausen Syndrome : A Rare Mental Disorder And The Most Severe Type Of Factitious Disorder3346 Words   |  14 Pages Munchausen Syndrome Stephen Balka Medical Careers Institute â€Æ' Abstract Munchausen syndrome is a rare mental disorder and the most severe type of factitious disorder. Those afflicted with Munchausen syndrome fabricate or cause injuries and illness in order to seek attention even to the point of undergoing painful, intrusive and unneeded medical and surgical procedures. Psychotherapy is the main treatment option for Munchausen syndrome, however there are no standard therapies or medicationsRead MoreHistory Of Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy2014 Words   |  9 PagesHistory of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy The term Munchausen Syndrome by proxy was named in 1951 by Asher after a well-known German Baron story teller (Campbell V, McDougall, Justice G., 2015). Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy was defined as an acute illness which is supported by dramatic and plausible history by Asher (Campbell V, McDougall, Justice G., 2015). Asher characterized Munchausen Syndrome’s condition as an intense desire to deceive people as much as they can in order to be the center of attentionRead MoreEssay on Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy: Sick Kid or Sick Parent?(4)1262 Words   |  6 PagesMunchausen Syndrome by Proxy: Sick Kid or Sick Parent?(4) In relating the details of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy (MSBP), the initial reaction is usually shock, followed quickly by fascination. The reason for the latter is that the medical community has yet to make up their minds about what exactly MSBP is. The debate: psychiatric disorder v. child abuse. Essentially the arguments for both create a divide between the brain and behavior, though not relating the two. Munchausen Syndrome isRead MoreA Brief Note On The Medical Child Abuse1929 Words   |  8 Pagesabuse Denise Eversole Lord Fairfax Community College Abstract Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome (MBPS) is a disorder of which should bring awareness to the medical field. It is not well understood and brings a lot of controversy. This disorder is when a parent, usually the mother, who purposely causes illness to her child rather physically or emotionally. The disorder was named after Baron von Munchausen, from the 18th century who gained fame from his tales. The child only becomesRead MoreFactitious Disorders1539 Words   |  7 Pagesand Factitious Diseases. Most aggressive study of the disorder began in 1950s, when an article published by a British psychiatrist, Richard Asher who initiated use of the term, Munchausen’s Syndrome[i], to describe a subtype of factitious disorder. The term factitious disorders (FD) refers to â€Å"any illness deliberately produced or falcified for the sole purpose of assuming the sick role.   Patients waste valuable time and resources with lenthy and unnecessary tests and procedures at a cost, accor ding

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Multiplication Is For White People - 982 Words

â€Å"Multiplication is for White People,† is a very interesting title for a book. Immediately, I thought the book may be about the disadvantages that black children experience relative to white children as it relates to education. Due to the raising expectations in the educational system, there seems to still be an achievement gap among black children and white children in schools. Author Lisa Delpit, provides the reader with a picture of two decades of school reform that leaves people of color feeling that higher education is at a disadvantage. Her research on the historical reform events in education really provided a connection to the metaphor â€Å"Multiplication is for White People,† used as the title of her book. Systematic reform can be defined as specific elements or components in an educational system. Reform is used to aspire change within a specific district or state, that is designed to achieve common objectives. After reading Chapter Six of Author Lisa Delpit (2012) book, â€Å"Multiplication is for White People†, I wonder if systematic reform can ever be achieved. Delpit provided an overview of how Brown vs. Board of Education set the tone for the achievement gap back in the 1960’s. Immediately following the desegregation of schools, black professionals were being replaced with white professionals. In certain circumstances, most of the white teachers and administrators were being hired to replace black teachers or administrators. Delpit provided an example thatShow MoreRelatedMultiplication Is for White People845 Words   |  4 PagesDiscussion Question Student’s Name: Institutional Affiliation Course Date of Submission Contemporary education reforms study on the continuous black-white achievement gap in the public schools, in America. In the book, â€Å"Multiplication is meant for White People†: Raising Expectations for Other people’s Children, Lisa Delpit focuses on these reforms and informs educators that education gap does not exist at birth.. Through her experience in the field andRead MoreRacism And Inequality : An Adult Homework Helper For The Sumner Library870 Words   |  4 Pagesshould handle these injustices. Multiplication is for White People by Lisa Delpit and the episode of the podcast â€Å"This American Life: Three Miles† illustrate the systemic inequality ingrained in the educational system of the United States, while Michael J. Sandel’s book Justice explores how communities should deal with the injustice. My service learning as an Adult Homework Helper for the Sumner Library is an attempt to combat the injustice towards disadvantaged people perpetuated by various systemsRead MoreYoung and Gifted - Original Writing Essay1661 Words   |  7 Pagesso frustrated with his school and the people in it. The teachers seemed to underestimate him and his abilities by making him perform the same meaningless tasks as the rest of the class. But he never lost his passion for learning. The little boy would sit for hours at the public library, the only place where he felt at comfortable, making his friends in the authors and living his life in other worlds. Adam felt that the only people who could possibly understand him wereRead MoreA Report On The Philippines Constitution Of Republic Indonesia1107 Words   |  5 Pagesstage as Pak, as he highlighted that there are conflicts between foreign firms and their local environment which is primarily political, social and cultural . In overcoming the conflicts, the government ought to take the clear step to protect its people. Keynesian theory pressed that the hand of the government is needed to save the unemployment , although there are unfinished debates about whether the state has to put its hand in the economy (market) or just positioned, as Adam Smith cited, as theRead MoreTeaching Should Be Supportive And Demanding1175 Words   |  5 Pagescomprehension, handwriting, and composition (Wilkins, Angela, Garside, 2002). What, then, is the treatment for dyslexia? The treatment, the only prescription for the medical diagnosis of dyslexia is academic intervention. The goal of programs for people with dyslexia should be to help students reach their full potential for learning. â€Å"Teaching should be supportive and demanding† (Wilkins, Angela, Garside, 2002). When looking for an suitable program, these are some things that should be considered:Read MoreNvq Level 21583 Words   |  7 Pagesresponsibilities 4.  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Describe the correct practice in the application and removal of PPE. PPE should only be warn once and disposed off in the correct way. 5.  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Describe the correct procedure for disposal of used PPE. All used PPE should be put in white bags and removed before leaving the room to prevent cross infection. Taken into the laundry room with a trolley and put into black bin bags. When they are full taken out and put in waste bins. Outcome 6. 1. Describe the key principles of good personalRead MoreThe Presence of Bacteria in Unexpected Spots701 Words   |  3 Pages The presence of bacteria in unexpected spots and locations originate from their ability to thrive in the most uninviting and forbidding places on the planet. Actually, some medical professionals state that germs like bacteria that attack healthy people daily are normally found in locations they are least expected. A huge portion of these bacteria i.e. 80 percent are spread through hand contact by several individuals. Some of the locations where bacteria can be found include the following  ¦ KitchenRead MoreThe National Collaborating Centre For Women And Childrens Health Case Study905 Words   |  4 Pagesmacrophages (white blood cells), stimulation of acute-phase protein synthesis, iron sequestration, and anorexia. (Spacer, 1994). This helps starve bacteria and viruses that need iron to live. Through these physiological changes, it seems fever has an important adaptive role in the hosts survival during infectious episodes. Other studies such as that performed by Antranik et al (2012), also agree that a fever raising the body temperature enhances the immune response, increases the production of white bloodRead MoreThe Roots Of Modern Day Discrimination1049 Words   |  5 Pagesthe conquered people were either killed or enslaved and their culture lost or looked down upon. Such conflicts also brought upon the conception of xenophobia as enslaved people were given no respect and disdained for their cultural and militaristic â€Å"inferiority†. A more recent view at discrimination can be seen with Africans following the beginning of transatlantic trade. The seemingly less technologically sophisticated culture of Africans combined with the elitist disposition of white westernersRead MoreThe Impact Of Drug Trafficking And Organized Crime1099 Words   |  5 Pagesas high numbers of people indulging in organized crime. Drug law enforcement personnel face problems when protecting the United States borders to avoid any drug trafficking instances. Drug trafficking involves smuggling of illegal drugs producing states such as Mexico to the consumer markets in other regions within the United States Organized Crime, on the other hand, is the practice of the offense through threats or violence and aims to collect legal or illegal rent from people in the community (Gavrilova

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Taming Of The Shrew (1094 words) Essay Example For Students

Taming Of The Shrew (1094 words) Essay Taming Of The ShrewIn the beginning of The Taming of the Shrew, some say Shakespeare portraysKatherina as a very shrewish figure. Others may argue that she is not shrewishbut just a very strong willed person. At the end of the play some people say sheis transformed into a very kind and gentle person, while again others will arguethat she is not tamed but just putting on an act to show up heryounger sister Bianca, whom has always been more beautiful and charming. Kate islike a wasp, like a foal, like foal that kicks from his halter; pert, quickand determined, but full of good heart. 1. This statement made by one author,shows clearly that he does not see her as shrew-like, even at the beginning ofthe play. The same author states that at the end of the play she has not reallytransformed, rather she has just fallen in love with Petruchio, in essence sheis free from torment because she is no longer seen as the shrew. In thebeginning of the play Kate is consistently in opposition to everyt hing aroundher2, meanwhile Bianca obeys so gently and with such sweet submission thatit is obvious why she is Baptistas favorite daughter2. In the end of theplay, the roles switch and Katherina is submissive to every word of Petruchioand Bianca resists the commands of her new husband. Kates first reaction toPetruchio, her mad wooer, is self-pity, and even her father feels that histreatment of her would vex a saint. He takes her away from the home she isused to, with servants and maids to wait on her hand and foot, to the country. There she is away from the luxurious town life and is cold, hungry and tired. She somewhat learns to watch her temper and obey Petruchio so that he will feedher so she can survive peacefully rather than miserably. I believe that hismethod of taming her is not cruel yet very effective. He shows her that she canget much farther and live life a lot happier if she is nice and entreatshim rather than fighting him. One author (pattern in carpet) says thatShakespeare sees Katherine and Petruchio as in love at first sight. He says thattheir fights are partly like a game and partly a matter of egoism. He seesKatherine as testing Petruchio making sure he is man enough to putup with the worst of her and prove to be the husband she requires. Petruchioaccepts her challenge with delight (and to get Baptistas money), passes allof her tests with ease and in fact does prove to be a suitable husband. Petruchio starts to tame her from the very first time they meet. He stays calmwhen she yells and does exactly the opposite of what she expects him to do. Hecontinues his taming at the wedding by acting even worse than she does, and in away, he paints a portrait of her for her to see. He believes that if she seesthe way she acts by repeating her actions, that she will want to change, to bemore pleasant. I think she acts the way she does in part because she doesntrealize what she does and to people and doesnt fully know why people call herthe shrew. By repeating how she acts Petruchio not only tames her but he winsher love. Even on their wedding day Kate is still furious and does not want tomarry Petruchio. She begins to declare that she will NOT marry him, but he cutsher off and gives her a kiss. Then he will not even let her stay for her ownwedding dinner. I believe that this is all part of his plan to tame her. In theend of the play, some may say she is tamed, while others will say she has justplainly fallen in love. But any way you chose to look at it, she is definitely achanged person. When the other men call for their wives, they send back a replystating that they are busy and just plain ignore their husbands commands. Onthe other hand, when Petruchio beckons Kate all of the men expect her to yelland scream as she always did. 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Once she is finally tamed, she would do anything to pleasePetruchio. One author states she would call the sun the moon, and address oldVincentio as a young girl3. She is so tamed by this point that she would evenkiss him on a public street at his command. An act like this would have beencompletely unthinkable at the beginning of the play. He even tries to kiss herin the beginning and she refuses so he must lie to Seignior Baptista to convincehim he has done a good job at wooing her. He also says that she has a new-builtvirtue, that not only wins the wa ger but it convinces her father to raise herdowry by twenty thousand crowns. The other view, that she is not really tamedhas its arguments as well. Some people see the end of the play as not a sign ofobedience, but just change. It is thought that she still has control over whatPetruchio does, but in a different, more mind manipulative way. She may besubmissive to him, but at the same time, he is just as submissive to her. Ithink that he didnt only tame her, but she tamed and controls him by craftand not violence. Katherina is not the only one in the play to undergo atransformation. Petruchio, in the beginning went to woo Katherina only formoney. He was offered a dowry by Seignior Baptista to get rid of Kate sohe could wed his younger daughter Bianca to one of her many suitors. By the endof the play, it is made clear that Petruchio too changed and had fallen in lovewith Kate. The relationship that they have at the end of the play is truly love. They both are willing to change to make each other happy and they both try inevery way possible to make peace in their family. The ironic part of the play isthat they both think that they have control over the other one. All in allKatherina undergoes a complete metamorphosis from the beginning of the play tothe end of the play. She starts out a girl, acting like foal trying to kick freefrom her harness and ends up a submissive, sweet, gentle and kind woman, whom iscontrolled yet, controls her husband Petruchio, whom she ends up loving dearly.